How I Burn Fat

Let me describe how I have been burning fat so far.

I count calories, but only once, because counting calories every day is like watching paint dry.

I weightlift. Heavy weights, about 40 minutes 3 times a week.

I keep a diary of the weights I lifted. I bring a spreadsheet with my exercises and a pen. When I’m finished with an exercise I write down the weight I lifted.

I Don’t do any cardio. Maybe I should, for the general benefit of my cardiovascular system, but it’s totally not required for fat loss. I also really dislike running, stationary bike, etc. so skipping cardio works really well for me.

I skip breakfast and drink coffee instead. Black coffee, no sugar or cream. My secret? I get freshly roasted beans from some organic farms (single source, responsible or whatever), grind them and then use a $12 Melita coffee maker with $2 per 100 filters to make amazingly delicious coffee. In fact, it is so good that I have a really hard time drinking starbucks or other conventional coffee. Did I become a coffee snob? Probably. My goal now is to get all my co-workers hooked on this stuff so my company starts buying fresh beans in bulk. Ha.



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