My Weight Loss Progress

I started on this diet on March 24th, 2017. So far (as of May 21st, 2017) I lost 12.6 pounds.  I have recorded my workouts, diet and weight fluctuations throughout this time.

I’d like to share insights and general tips that I’ve learned during my diet to help you lose weight faster.

My day job is data analytics & visualization so here are some weight loss charts I’ve come up with to track my own progress:

Every morning I weigh myself. This chart shows my weight since I started and up until today (May 21st). You can also easily see that weight loss slowed down around May 3rd. This is due to my experiments with food. I switched my macros to different dishes and obviously that didn’t work as well as I had expected. My overall weekly deficit went from 4000 calories to an undetermined amount of calories. Even though still in a deficit, weight loss slowed down. I’m a little upset about it so I’ll be dialing my macros back to version 1.0.

On the other hand, my macros version 2.0 is just fine calorie-wise but it is just so delicious that I can’t help but overeat. And it contains a lot more meat than version 1.0 so it’s not as filling.


This is essentially the same graph, but my workout days, rest days and weekends are color-coded to aid in discovering insights (if any) about my weight loss progress.

Since I consume more calories on workout days than rest days, weight usually goes up on a rest day (following the workout day when I eat a lot) and dips the next day.

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